Saturday, 28 September 2013
Fall in Middle Tennessee Is the Best Place to Be!

      Fall in love all over again with Tennessee at area fall events and farms

Fall is an amazing time of year in Middle Tennessee. The weather is close to perfect, the scenery is changing into a beautiful display of colors, football is in full swing, and there are events and festivals galore that allow you to experience all that fall has to offer.

There are many places to choose from, but the following is a synopsis of some favorites that are close to the Brentwood, Tenn., area. Bring your friends and family out for the fun!


1974 New Highway 96, Franklin, Tenn.

A Franklin fall tradition, historic Gentry’s Farm opens wide its gates every fall for fun and education. Come enjoy corn and hay mazes, hayrides, tire swings, playgrounds, and then pick your own pumpkin from the patch. There are also great fall displays for family pictures. They are open every weekend in October and Monday mornings.


4374 Rocky Glade Road, Eagleville, Tenn.

Located between Franklin and Murfreesboro, Lucky Ladd Farms is open almost every day in October so that you can experience their expansive list of activities. With mazes, playgrounds, pony rides, hayrides, a pumpkin patch, a tractor train, interactive educational field trips, and flashlight corn maze adventures, your family can spend the whole day exploring. New this year is a family-friendly Pumpkin Holla’ Lighted Trail that features hundreds of hand-carved glowing pumpkins, music, and more.


8653 Rocky Fork Road, Smyrna, Tenn.

This family farm is open free to the public every day but Wednesday in October, but you’ll want to pull out your wallets for the yummy concessions, hay and corn mazes, hayride, pumpkin train, 40 ft. slide and more!


5700 Main Street, Spring Hill, Tenn.

This plantation is known for its history and its 10-acre corn maze. Come any weekend in October to make your way through trail mazes, with 15 information stations along the way. You can also join the many brave adventurers who walk the maze by flashlight at night! Other activities include a pumpkin sling, pumpkin painting, hayrides, a play area, and hot chocolate by a bonfire.



4580 Rachel’s Lane, Nashville, Tenn.

OCT. 5-6, Open 10-5
Adults $5     Children 11 and under FREE
This annual event features fun, music, food, art, and history!


Idyll by the River Farm, 3160 Del Rio Pike, Franklin, Tenn.

OCT. 11-12, Friday, 10-6; Saturday, 8-4
$8 per day or $12 for a weekend pass
This two-day event features shopping, live music, food trucks, special guests, and seminars and how-to’s for design, decorating, and cooking.


Main Street, Franklin, Tenn.

OCT. 26, Open 10-6
One of Franklin’s most popular events, this street festival takes over historic downtown Franklin with arts and crafts booths, games and inflatables, live music, delicious food, and a costume contest for kids and pets.

For a more extensive list of fall festivals and happenings all over Middle Tennessee, visit:


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Tuesday, 24 September 2013
The Benefits of a Thorough Home Inspection

You finally found it—the perfect home. You knew it as soon as you walked in the door. If you’re a woman, you’ve started mentally placing furniture around the room. If you’re a man, you’ve made sure the garage will store all your tools. But before you start moving in your stuff, you’ve got to sign a lot of paperwork and you’ve got to protect yourself.

That’s why I always make sure my clients set aside enough money on the front end to get a thorough home inspection. Jerry Black from Pillar to Post Home Inspectors services many homes in the Middle Tennessee real estate area. He explains that many times when a buyer walks in a house and they know they want it, they put up blinders. A home inspector will go through the house with unbiased eyes to make sure they find everything that needs to be discovered. The most common problems they find that the untrained eye misses are plumbing leaks and issues in the crawl space.

So, how does a home inspection protect you? It can be written in as a contingency on your purchasing offer. If the inspector finds major problems with the home you are trying to buy, you have the option of walking away from your offer without any penalties.

You should expect a home inspection to last from two to three hours. It is beneficial for you to be there during this time so the inspector can explain things more clearly to you. According to, the inspector should note:

• whether each problem is a safety issue, major defect, or minor defect
• which items need replacement and which should be repaired or serviced
• items that are suitable for now but that should be monitored closely

A really great inspector will even tell you about routine maintenance that should be performed, which can be a big help if you're a first-time home buyer.

Be sure to find the company that offers the most services. There are three major home inspection agencies that monitor the guidelines, but those guidelines only require a minimum on some services. Hire the company that goes above and beyond. Pillar to Post, for instance, offers a 1,600 point inspection. They also have three different packages to choose from so you can up your inspection to include other features such as radon and mold testing.

Even though there are quite a few expenses in the buying and selling process, a home inspection is one of the best investments for your purchase and your peace of mind.

For more information on Pillar to Post, click here and watch the video about their three inspection packages.

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Wednesday, 18 September 2013
Nolensville, Tenn., Is a Great Place to Call Home

“One of the best kept secrets in Williamson County and Middle Tennessee”—  

That’s how residents describe the charming little town of Nolensville, Tennessee.

In 1797, when the Nolen family—William, Sarah and their five children—had the misfortune of breaking a wagon wheel and were forced to stop for repairs, Nolensville was born.

William and family were delighted with the surroundings and location of their mishap so much that he purchased a portion of a land grant on which the city of Nolensville was built. The town was incorporated in 1839, and was later the scene of several skirmishes during the Civil War.

To this day, there are homes and other buildings that can be seen on both sides of Nolensville Road that were built in the 19th century and are still being used for housing and other purposes. They comprise the historic portion of the city and include the Waller Funeral Home that has been in existence since 1876, the Nolensville Feed Company since 1890 (now the Amish Feed Mill),  and the old Nolensville Creamery (known for its excellent butter) which now houses an antique store. There is also a Bed and Breakfast nearby that was built in 1820, known as A Home Place Bed & Breakfast

Nolensville was re-incorporated in 1996 and since then, has seen a steady growth in its popularity and population. Several new home developments have begun and are thriving in the general area. This quaint little town can boast of its low-cost living partly because of having the lowest property taxes in Williamson County. 

Schools that educate the children of Nolensville are touted to be among the best in the state, according to the latest TCAP scores. The community is anxiously awaiting the new high school that is scheduled to open in 2015.

Sports activities for children are one of the top priorities in Nolensville as witnessed by a variety of different sport leagues for both boys and girls. Weekends at the local sports complexes are very active and filled with laughter and shouts of encouragement from fans and participants involved in local football, softball, baseball, and soccer.

Statistics from the Multiple Listing Service already indicate a 10% increase in both the selling price of homes and the selling price per square foot when compared to 2012. The average selling price so far in 2013 is approximately $370,400.00 and the price per square foot averages $122.00. The average home size is 3018 square feet. All signs point toward a healthy growth for this beautiful area.

To search for new listings in Nolensville and other areas of interest, just give me a call.

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Saturday, 14 September 2013

The success of home showings depends on YOU!                              

When you list your home through a Realtor®, you can be sure that at some point your phone will start ringing to alert you about a showing from potential buyers. If you’re serious about selling, you need to be serious about making sure you’re in good communication with your agent. You might be surprised at the number of times I’ve brought clients into a home for a showing only to find an owner singing in the shower, sunbathing in the backyard, or cooking what smelled like a pot full of smelly cabbage—all because they didn’t answer their phones when they were alerted that someone was on the way.

Any situation like the one above could potentially keep someone from wanting your home. First impressions are everything, and that goes for you AND your house. It is imperative that your agent has all the information needed to contact you in a moment’s notice and that you respond quickly when he or she reaches out to you.

The best way to be prepared for those short-notice showings is to keep your house as presentable as possible at all times. Although that is much more difficult with kids and pets, create a routine in the morning before everyone disperses where each person has an area to spruce up. That way, no one has to rush home at lunch to pick up the unmentionables off the floor when you are alerted about a showing.

Also, be careful about turning away people who show up on short notice. If you have serious buyers standing on your doorstep with their agent, you might only get one shot with those buyers. I’ve shown up with clients for a showing, only to find a mom who refused to let us in because she didn’t want to have to leave with her child. My clients were only in town for that one day to look for a home, and that house was one of their top three picks. Again, if you’re serious about selling, you need to be serious about making your home available for showings.

I’ve had several clients ask me if they need to leave the house during a showing, and the answer is yes, even if you simply park around the corner and wait for them to finish. I will never forget an owner who followed some of my clients from room to room and tried to point out the “features” while his large dog followed closely behind. The situation was awkward to say the least and my clients were turned off. Potential buyers should feel comfortable moving at their own pace and assessing their specific needs out loud. The agent will do a fine job of pointing out the features that he or she knows the clients are looking for.

To recap, you can have a better home-selling experience when you are in great communication with your agent, when you keep your home ready for showings, and when you give potential buyers their space as they’re checking out your home. Call me, and I'll walk with you through this process!

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