Wednesday, 30 August 2017
Refinishing Floors vs Painted Floors?

Many homes  have at least some areas of hardwood floors, if not the entire home. The floors become scratched by dogs, children and just plain everyday wear and tear. 

A a new trend being seen in some of the older homes lately, is painted hardwood floors. Some of you might be thinking the same thing  that I was thinking until I viewed some pictures and saw ideas with color schemes showing how beautiful painted floors can actually be.

Another reason for painting hardwood floors rather than sanding and refinishing is the fact that sanding a floor will  thin the surface of the hardwood floor. Occasionally, that brings up the question of how many times can you sand the floors without harming them.  A wood floor only has so much floor to sand and truly each time weakens your floor a bit. A picture is worth a thousand words. So let's have a look and see.

In the 1800's many homes had painted floors. The big advantage of paint is the amazing lightening effect it gives your home. Painted floors are very durable and practical. Another factor is the ability to use patterns with paint. Like the one below.

           By Roger + Chris 


​I do think it warrants mentioning that the time frame between painting and refinishing is significant.  Depending on the amount  of painted surfaces you might have a day of inconvenience but with sanding and refinishing it could be quite a bit longer.  The cleanup will also be so much more extensive with sanding and refinishing.  It might involve cleaning and dusting of all cupboards and shelving units because of how the dust can seep into even plastic covering.  This would also involve washing of all dishes and silverware etc. unless you make the effort to pack and remove them from the area​.

I don't know how many of you are willing to try this creative decorating idea but sit down and talk with a professional to get the opinion of someone with a  neutral viewpoint and not as emotionally tied to your home and how it looks​​ as you might be. Just give it some thought and decide what it best for you and your family's lifestyle. 

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Monday, 14 August 2017
Home Security

 You may or may not know this fact but it is actually not that hard to get into homes.  Many homes have a subpar lock so the risk of being seen breaking in is more of a deterrent.  There is also the fact that most robberies happen during daylight hours - so being seen is not that alarming to a seasoned robber.  It seems most homes have weak points and an experienced thief can be pretty good at finding them. 

An open door screams come in and steal my fabulous iPad. Many times homeowners build a tree house within stepping distance of an upstairs window.

Fresh air coming in our home is wonderfully refreshing but an easy entrance for a burglar especially at night.  Let's list  5 ways to make your home a less appealing target.


  •   Most common security addition to a home is a security system
  •   Do not announce to anyone friend or foe- that you are going to be away from home
  •   Hiding your house key under the doormat was great a decade ago but no longer.  Be more creative   or leave with a neighbor
  •   Set your lights on a timer inside and outside of house
  •   DO NOT buy the cheapest lock and the lock you purchase should be a deadbolt. The strike plate    should be the heavy duty kind  with 4 long (3 inch) screws.


Doing these five things will help keep you more secure in your home.   One thing we didn't discuss ( no matter how excited you are) is not announcing on social media that you are vacationing.  You never know who is looking at your information.


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