Monday, 14 June 2021
Upgrade Your Outdoor Experience

Summer is here and we all want to spend more time outdoors enjoying the season.  Do you like your outdoor space and want to spend more time there or has it turned into just another space through which you enter or exit your home?  If you don’t love your outdoor space, you can make a few easy upgrades to create a space you will enjoy without breaking the bank!

Start by clearing the area of all current items and cleaning it.  This could be one of the most important things you do to improve your attitude about the space and be as simple as using a broom or as involved as using a hose or pressure washer.  Be careful though if you are using a hose or power washer as not everything can withstand being blasted clean!  Once clean, you have a blank slate to start adding your items back into the space.  Think about every item you put back into the space.  Take note if this area has become quick storage for odd things that haven’t moved for a while, now might be the time to find a different “home” for them or donate them to someone who will put them to good use.

A quick way to give the area more visual interest is to consider adding some pops of color with an inexpensive outdoor rug, some new furniture cushions or a few bright blooming plants.  If the space is large, consider breaking it up by arranging your furniture into a few smaller conversational or activity areas for multi-use. 

If you like to eat outdoors or do craft projects, remember to allow enough space for your table to be functional without having to squeeze in and out of the chairs every time you get up or sit down!  Adding a small cart or stand with wheels could serve as storage and a workspace for crafting or gardening activities and then perform double duty for food and drink placement when entertaining. 

Start with some small, simple improvements to your outdoor space this season and see if there is a change in how much more time you want to spend there!


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Posted on 06/14/2021 8:34 AM by Jarod Tanksley