Friday, 4 December 2020
Garage door maintenance

A majority of articles you read about improving your home’s appearance or maintenance projects place a strong emphasis on the front door of your home.  Although the front door is a very important aspect for your home’s curb appeal and what makes the first impression on your guests, for most of us, the garage door is what gets used multiple times each day for years on end!  However, for most homeowners, the only time you pay much attention to the garage door is when it DOESN’T work and your car is either stuck inside or outside!

In order to ensure you are able to get in and out of the garage, add garage door inspection to your routine home maintenance list twice a year.  Even though larger mechanical garage door issues need to be handled by a professional, some routine inspection and maintenance can be performed by homeowners.  Now that the weather is colder, you may have noticed your garage is also feeling a little colder.  Take a look at the trim around the outside of the door and the seal on the bottom for large cracks or gaps.  Inspect the closed door from the inside during the day with the garage lights off and see if there are large gaps of light coming through.  If so, you may need some new trim added for improved weather-proofing and to keep out the small creatures seeking a warm place to spend the winter.

If you only leave and return from your garage once per day, your door opens and closes well over 1000 times per year!  Listen when the door goes up and comes down for any sounds that are out of the ordinary.  As with any moving parts, lubrication is needed to keep things running smoothly!  Some homeowners may be able to some research and perform this task on their own.  Also keep in mind that there are many nuts and bolts on your door and the vibration of the door can naturally loosen things over time.  Depending on where the loose nuts and bolts are located, this may be a job easily taken care of with a wrench or socket.  If you are in doubt of the importance of any loose items that are found, always call a professional.

Always keep debris away from where the bottom of the door meets the garage floor and light sensors on the floor so they can communicate with each other.  And, one of the most important things to do is test the door’s safety stop feature in a few places along the base of the door by placing a piece of wood or a rolled up towel where the door meets the floor.  If the door does not reverse when it hits the object then a professional inspection may be needed to keep everyone safe!

By taking a little time to inspect your garage door you can keep it in good working condition and possibly have small issues taken care of by a professional before they become large expensive problems!...

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