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Autumn Showers & Possible Flooding

Did the most recent few rainfalls cause drainage issues in your yard or even enter your home?  Lately it seems more like spring than fall with the amount of rain we have had in Middle Tennessee.  Unfortunately, we tend to forget about drainage until it rains like it has over the last few weeks.  Getting a fraction of an inch at a time doesn’t usually cause problems, but getting an inch or THREE in an hour tends to raise awareness of trouble spots in a hurry!  There are some quick, low cost things that can be done around your home now that may help solve drainage problems before the next big soaker.

To fix drainage issues, start at the top!  Cleaning the gutters is a good place to start.  When gutters are clogged with leaves, pine needles or other debris, water can back up towards your roof and enter your home through the ceiling or run out over the top, down the side of your home and directly into basements or crawl spaces.  Cleaning the gutters allows the water to flow off the roof and into the gutters and downspouts properly.  Since this involves reaching the roof level of your home you may want to hire someone with the appropriate sized ladder and safety equipment to handle this chore once or twice a year.  It will be money well spent!

Meanwhile, down on the ground, watch where the water exits the downspouts and consider extending them or using a tray at the end of each to divert water in a more desirable direction.  You can buy quite a few downspout accessories at the local hardware or home improvement store at low cost and they are fairly quick and easy to install.  For an eco-friendly solution, you can gather some of the rainwater for reuse with your garden or flowers by installing a rain barrel to catch runoff.  You may need a small amount of installation assistance to shorten or redirect a downspout to complete this project.  Check out instructions on kits available specifically for this purpose.  If you have more runoff in certain areas, consider more water-tolerant plants in that part of your yard.

These few tips may help solve some of your home’s small drainage issues at a relatively low cost.  However, if you have tried some of these repairs but still routinely have standing water in your basement or crawl space you should contact a professional regarding more permanent solutions to avoid damage to your home. Call me with any concerns or questions..... 615.403.8265 or email

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