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Fireplace Facelift

The thermometer and the calendar both say it’s almost fall!  The change temperatures bring our attention to preparing for football-watching, chili-eating, sweater-wearing season!  While you haven’t flipped over from air conditioning to the heat just yet, if you have a fireplace, the cooler evenings may be spurring thoughts of a cozy, crackling fire.  However, your fireplace’s appearance may not exactly match the vision you had in mind!  Is your fireplace looking a little less than picture perfect?  Whether it is dated or just a little dirty there are some DIY projects you can do to spruce it up a bit before the guests arrive.

A fireplace is usually the focal point of a room and deserves a little attention to make it stand out and bring some interest to your space.  Whether it’s brick or stone, it can be a major dust collector.  Using a soft brush attachment on your vacuum a few times a year should handle those dust bunnies and webs in no time.  Don’t forget to clean the screen or doors too!

Is the brick looking a little dated?  It can be painted or re-painted for a fresh look.  Be sure to choose a paint that will stand up to some heat and if you are unsure, do some research to be certain your choice won’t peel or flake when it gets hot.  Start with a brush and paint the mortar lines first.  Then, use a thick nap paint roller to paint the bricks and go back with the brush to touch up any missed spots.  This can take some time and require a few coats of paint if the bricks have a lot of texture but the end product will be worth it! 

Replacing the mantel is a quick way to make an update without having to drag out the paint brush.  There are a wide variety of mantels available for purchase depending on how you plan to style it once installed.  If you are handy with tools and have some time you could make one and customize the materials and color to your décor.

If you really don’t want to paint and have already tried a new mantel you can always go for a larger project of re-facing the entire façade.  This will be the most expensive and time-consuming type of update but will provide you with the option of completely changing the look by using different materials such as marble, tile or wood.  No matter what option you choose, now is the time for a fireplace refresh so it is ready for those relaxing chilly evenings!

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