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Let there be Light...


Lighting is an important aspect of your home’s interior design.  It is not only functional but can be mood-altering!  Just think about the last time the power went off or when you were sleeping in a dark room and someone turned on an overhead light!  Light is an important element of comfort in your home, especially this time of year when days are still short and the sunlight is sparse.  Light is not just important to you and the creatures living in your home but also to the decor you have carefully chosen to make your house a home.  Without the proper lighting, even the most perfect paint color will appear drab and the textures and finishes of special woods, fabrics and rugs may seem ordinary. 

The right kind of lighting can make a small space appear cozy instead of cramped.  Having too much light is often just as problematic as too little, especially in smaller spaces and from only one light source.  If you build a new home the lighting options seem endless.  You can plan your window and fixture placements to support a variety of lighting schemes to enhance workspaces, highlight artwork and architectural features.  Well placed skylights or solar tubes can provide wonderful natural accent lighting to a space for maximum relaxation, especially in the morning or evening.

If a construction project is not in your future, there are a variety of options to work with your current windows, doors and fixtures.  Most light fixtures can be replaced fairly easily, especially if they are small.  Globes on ceiling or wall-mounted fixtures or pendants can be swapped out to create a new look and feel without breaking the bank!  You can also just change a bulb for a different “temperature.”  Some bulbs are “cool” or “warm” and have descriptors like “daylight” or “natural”.  Many home improvement stores have displays that show differences in bulbs before you purchase and some even have dimmer switches set up so you can see how the light looks at different levels of brightness.  Changing bulbs is an inexpensive way to completely change the look and feel of a space.  You can also layer lighting in a space by using a combination of ceiling or wall-mounted sconces along with floor or table lamps.  If you are looking for an inexpensive way to put a fresh twist on a space in your home, start with the lights.


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