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It's time to Take It Outside

The sun is shining, the birds are singing and the temperatures are now fully in the Spring zone!  If you like to spend time outdoors, now is the time to get your outdoor living space in order.  Whether you have a large formal space or a small cozy nook, there are a few things that can be done to make your outdoor living space a place to spend some quality time alone or with family and friends enjoying the warmer season that is now upon us.

Begin by doing a thorough cleaning of whatever area you have available for outdoor living.  That might include a pressure washer, hose or just a broom and dustpan to get the dirt of winter under control.  Clean existing furniture or plan for some new additions if needed, depending on how you plan to use the space this season.  A fresh coat of paint on wood surfaces will give everything a brighter appearance in your space and make routine cleaning less of a chore.  If you have a grill or other items related to cooking in this area, check drip pans, grill brushes, cooking grates and other surfaces to be sure they are replaced or cleaned and ready for use.

Once you have the space cleaned, trim existing shrubs or bushes if needed and consider adding some new plants, either to the surrounding flower beds or to pots if your space is more compact.  When choosing plants, consider the amount of light and water they will need and the amount of time you want to spend on maintenance to keep them thriving all season.  Remember to plant some items with blooms to keep the bees, butterflies and hummingbirds happy as well as plants for ground cover to lessen the amount of time you will have to spend weeding! 

Finally, you can add more character to your space with personal touches like colorful pillows, an outdoor rug, a soothing wind chime or candles.  If you have electrical outlets in the space you may also want to add some small colorful lights that will provide a soft glow for evening use.  If no electrical outlets are available, there are a variety of solar-powered options available in garden and home goods stores to add interest to the space.

Whether you plan on small changes or a large upgrade, just remember to enjoy any outdoor space you have available during the season as a calming extension of your home!


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