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Does Staging a home really work?

I get this question all the time does staging really work? Do I really need to stage my home? The answer isn't always obvious, some homes won't need it and some homes will need more than others.

In our Middle Tennessee Market it’s very competitive and everyone wants to sell their property quickly and for the most money.  I see non-staged homes sitting on the market for a longer period of time.  Or I see in the second month having a price reduction.  I just think only if this property was staged it mostly likely would be sold. 

A staged home can get more return on your investment. And sales more quickly verses a non-staged home on the market. Staging is not that expensive in the long run. Just think of this the more time my property sits on the market sometimes can mean paying for two mortgages. Especially, if there is a relocation situation involved.  Unless your property has not had proper routine maintenance, then it could cost you. 

One quick and fairy inexpensive fixes is paint. Yes, paint! The dark red and beige paint colors are out.  The on-trend look is to light and bight walls with a soft gray or off-white is all the rage these days. Again, buyers want something new and fresh.  Not what they currently have.

I always tell my clients the most important part of home staging is de-cluttering big bulky items have got to go. Hiding their personal care products, no one wants to see other people personal care. They need to envision themselves in the space with their own items.  Potential buyers can only see your stuff.    They can’t focus on the architectural features of a house.    Going to The Container Store is always a great idea to get baskets to hide items in or tidy up the pantry. You always want everything to look very high-end. My other biggie is no personal photos of family members.  Again potential buyers can only see your “life” in this house.  And not there’s. 

Staging is not decorating. Staging = getting top dollar for your property. At the end of the day buyers are looking for a home that looks and feels new even if it’s a resale.

Together Jamie Watford and I will help you make the right decisions when preparing your house for the market.  Feel free to reach out to Jamie anytime. She is a Certified Home Stager and Interior Decorator.   Owner, of JW Nash & co. serving Middle Tennessee or  615-613-8593


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