Saturday, 2 July 2022
Time to Water Again...

It is now “officially” summer, but we didn’t need the calendar to tell us that!  The temperatures have been in the 90°-100° range for about two weeks now, with no signs of them dropping anytime soon.  Afterall, it is June in Middle Tennessee!  The grass is starting to get crunchy and landscape plants are looking less than fresh unless you have been watering regularly.  However, summer schedules are always packed and as budgets become tighter with the rising cost of just about everything, there are a few ways to keep your schedule, your plants, and your checkbook from boiling over as the temperatures rise.

Obviously, rainfall is the best option for money and time savings and plants definitely know the difference!  Lawns and landscaping always look best with rainfall.  However, since you can’t control the weather, you must look at several other factors you can control to help your lawn and plants thrive without going broke or spending every waking minute in your yard watering. 

Consider your plant choices and placement.  Try not to plant bushes too close to your house or position potted plants where they will be covered by the roof when it rains.  This will allow the plants to get water when you are not at home saving you time and money.  Keeping a lawn in good shape this time of year can also be a challenge when temperatures are high but rainfall is low.  There are quite a few types of grass that are drought tolerant and will thrive in Middle Tennessee.  Even if you have an irrigation system, reseeding in the fall with a more drought tolerant variety that will mix in with your current lawn could mean less watering in the years to come and more money in your pocket!  For now, focus on watering for a longer amount of time so water reaches the roots.  Watering less often but for a longer amount of time has been proven to produce a healthier lawn.  You can also adjust the height of your mower.  Keeping it on the higher side will allow the roots to be shaded and avoid burning.

There is also a long-running debate over whether you should water plants in the morning or evening.  Everyone seems to have a preference, but depending on your schedule, you may not have a choice.  Many believe that watering in the morning is best.  It prepares the plant for the day of heat and also allows the leaves to dry before nightfall which will help diminish mold or fungus growth on moist leaves.  This is especially important for plants like tomatoes.  Others recommend watering in the late afternoon or early evening while there is still daylight.  This allows leaves to partially dry and also cools the roots of the plants.  This could be important depending on what type of pots you use.  Plastic and glazed ceramic pots tend to hold on to heat longer than unglazed pottery.  Regardless of when you water, try to keep the water at the base of the plant and away from leaves.  Also, if the soil is extremely dry, water slowly at first to give the water time to soak into the soil rather than running off and away from the plant.  Try to water evenly in a circle around the base of the plant to help form an even root system and again, watering plants deeply and less often will help a deep root system develop so you can water less often as the plant becomes established. 

Summer is just getting started but hopefully these few helpful tips will keep you and your landscaping from overheating!  ".... You've Got A Friend in Real Estate" 


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Posted on 07/02/2022 4:44 PM by Jarod Tanksley