Wednesday, 17 February 2021
Burned Out From Working at Home?

It has been almost a year since many people started working exclusively from home.  Some may have already been working from home on occasion or full-time by choice.  It was a nice balance and enjoyable.  There were already some established routines and it was a nice break from office life but you still had an option to return when necessary.  Then, all of a sudden EVERYONE was home, ALL THE TIME, without a choice or a break!  Almost overnight, your home needed to become an office and a classroom along with all the other functions it already served.  People managed to make adjustments quickly, but now that it has been a year, how is your routine going and what does your workspace look like?  Have you managed to create boundaries between your “work” and “home” life?  Are there specific locations in your home where different activities take place for various family members?  Do you take an official lunch break?  Do you stop work at the end of your work day and “leave” the office?

If not, you may be feeling the effects of what is called Work from Home (WFH) Burnout because the lines between work and home have become unclear.  When you physically left your house and went to work, there was a separation of the two.  There was a commute that allowed you to shift into your work or home mode.  Now you don’t feel the same separation when you are sitting in your kitchen taking a work call on Zoom.  Some people have returned to their pre-pandemic workplaces while others have been told they will now be working from home permanently.  If you are feeling stressed with your current WFH situation, here are a few tips that may help.

Not everyone can have their own dedicated home office, renovate their space or move immediately so you need to work with the space and resources available to you to create a workspace that serves your needs.  Many people enjoyed their time alone on their commute to gather their thoughts or just enjoy a few songs or an audiobook.  You can re-create some of your “commute” by establishing or fine-tuning your morning routine to do a few things for yourself before you “arrive” at your workspace.  Something as simple as enjoying a cup of coffee and reading a few pages of a book in silence can help with the transition. 

If you move your laptop around your home during the work day based in search of the quiet spaces, try to choose a location as near to a window as possible. Natural light can help with eye strain, improved mood and allow for small breaks as you look out into nature.  If weather permits, try to get outside 10-20 minutes each for a quick pick-me-up and change of scenery.  Try to stick to a designated “work day” schedule starting and stopping at the same time each day. 

Many people have ditched their work clothes in favor of more casual attire, however wearing certain clothing during your “work” hours and changing into something a little different for your “home” hours helps with the transition.  It doesn’t have to mean changing your whole outfit but could be as simple as changing a sweater or your shoes.  Another suggestion if possible is to remove a work email account from your personal phone.  That way when you are relaxing off the clock you are not bothered or tempted by work email notifications.

These are just a few tips to help you establish some new patterns if you are starting to feel a little WFH burnout.  If you have decided that it is time for you to have your own home office or your family simply requires more space for other activities, give me a call and I will be happy to help you with your wish list!

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