Friday, 8 February 2019
Keeping Important Items Safe In Your Home


With the wild weather swings from frigid wind chills to tornado warnings we have had in Middle Tennessee in the past few weeks, it brings to mind things we need to do to protect our families from extreme conditions.  You may have taken precautions to keep your pipes from freezing or made sure you didn’t leave the house without the proper clothing.  Preparing for these extreme conditions requires a little extra thought but are well worth the time spent to keep your home and family safe.

When severe weather was announced by tornado sirens in some areasn this week and flooding has been widespread, it reminded me of the importance of taking some time to think about a plan to protect your family’s valuable items.  One way to do this is to consider a secure storage option.  Some people may choose to use a safety deposit box in a bank for family heirlooms or other items that are not needed on a regular basis.  A fireproof safe in your home is also a good option for instant access to smaller items you may need after banks are closed.

Some items you may want to consider storing in a safe at home include important family documents such as birth certificates, passports, social security cards and estate documents such as wills, powers of attorney or healthcare directives.  Now that most photos are in digital form, a back-up hard drive that contains copies of family photos or other important digital documents is also good safeguard.  It is also a safe place for jewelry, cash or spare keys you want to access on occasion.

It is your option whether to have a safety deposit box at a financial institution, a fireproof safe at home or both based on your family’s needs, what you have to store and how much space you have available.  Whichever option you choose, it might be time to think about upgrading your plan to keep your family’s valuable items secure.

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Posted on 02/08/2019 9:53 AM by Jarod Tanksley