Thursday, 13 July 2017
Moving with Children...

It seems like sooner or later, you will experience selling your home and moving into another.  While moving can be disruptive for parents, it can be traumatic for children. Simply because it is usually not their plan but the plan of the parents and in most cases connected to a work/career position.

This is a time when children need that extra attention and should be included in the process to feel more comfortable about the change.  Children love familiarity and routine.  As parents you need to consider the move. weigh the benefits of the change versus the zone of comfort and know how to assist them in the transition from the children's surroundings, friends and social life. 

Whatever the circumstances of a move happen to be, keeping a positive attitude is essential during this time of transition.  Everyone in the family is looking for reassurance that everything is going to be okay.

Talking about the move can answer numerous questions that might lead to anxiety.  Parents should give as much information as possible to help contribute to an atmosphere of calm and happiness.  Of course, you have to answer all questions truthfully and be receptive to both positive and negative reactions.

A move across town affords you the ability to show the new home to your children, however a cross country move may not.   Not to worry!  In this day of technology you can take movies and pictures and even provide a picture or two of prospective homes and the new schools they will  be attending.  

Suggestions for a smooth transition:

*  Keep information clear and simple

*  Explain that packing toys and favorite books is to move them and is not throwing them away

*  You can role play with toy trucks and figures to make move seem more on their level.

*  If new home is nearby and vacant - make a visit and take a couple of toys each visit.

*  Do not make any other big changes like potty training or advancing from a crib to a bed during move.

*  Buying new furniture for children's room sounds great but you might want to wait until you are in and settled to make that kind of change. 

*  Arrange a sitter for younger children on moving day.

Moving with teenagers can add a whole new set of challenges.  It can involve severing romantic relationships to re-arranging special events like prom that are already in the planning stages.  In some cases an older child might even want to finish the year by living with a relative or close friend.  There is the other thought that moving mid year can give students time to meet new friends and become involved before the school year ends.  Give a lot of thought and conversation with your child to see which situation works best for your family.

Moving can present many challenges, but many good things also come from a life change like moving.  Many times the family becomes bonded and much closer by sharing new experiences. It seems you learn more about each other while going through the change of residences.  Preparing for the move and talking about the move seems to be the key.

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