Wednesday, 15 February 2017
5 Tips for Home Exterior Upkeep


As everyone and everything begins to thaw out in Middle Tennessee over the coming weeks, you are sure to see many people outdoors, eager to soak up the sun. Those who've been shut up inside all winter may also be looking forward to warmer weather so they can stay on top of home maintenance that is more difficult to take care of during the winter.


Check out these five tips that you could knock out in one weekend!




  1. Check all gutters. Ice and heavy rains could have potentially caused cracks or made the gutters come unattached to certain parts of your roofline. Inspect and then tack in anything that is loose. Also be sure to clean out any remaining leaves that did not get removed after fall.
  2. Check water hoses and spigots. If you followed my advice in December for winterizing your outdoor faucets, then you'll want to start the process of getting those back in operation once you know overnight freezes are over for the season. Unwrap faucets and inspect hoses for dry rot that could have happened with the cold weather.
  3. Prepare your HVAC. The easiest thing you can do to maintain your HVAC from inside your house is to change your filters. Spring is a great reminder to do this! Also, go ahead and schedule a checkup with a local company to make sure your family stays cool and to prevent bigger problems when the days get much warmer.
  4. Check for cracks. The winter can be harsh. Check the area around your windows and doors for cracks in the paint or caulk and make necessary repairs. Also, check for cracks along any areas around your home with concrete, such as your foundation, sidewalks, stairs, garage and driveway. Use crack filler or silicone caulk to make these repairs.
  5. Remove your firewood. Most people like to keep their firewood close during the winter months if they have wood-burning heat, but it's best to keep these wood sources at least 2 feet from the foundation of your home and at least 18 inches above the ground. This will reduce the chances of unwanted insects from entering or feasting on your home.

I hope you can get out there and enjoy the sunshine once it’s here to stay! If the upcoming spring weather is getting you excited about selling and/or buying a home, please give me a call!


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