Wednesday, 20 March 2013
Brentwood, TN Real Estate|The importance of curb appeal

This week we will continue to look at how curb appeal affects how buyers see your home. There is a whole range of ideas that can be tailored to fit just about any budget. Getting a head start on spring lawn care can make a drastic difference, for example. The home improvement stores are beginning to set out flowers and soon the outdoor sections of the local nursery will be overflowing with color. Apply some of that color in some freshly-mulched beds in your yard, roll up your DIY sleeves and watch how these changes can impact the feedback on your home, and bring in an offer!

For free, you can:
• Clean up overgrown flower beds, remove weeds
• Rake leaves and remove overgrown brush
• Wash windows and glass doors
• Properly store outdoor garbage & recycling cans
• Clean up toys, store bicycles, put away hoses
• Clean up any outdoor grill areas

For $100 you can:
• Invest in pots / planters on front porch with seasonal plants for a welcoming entrance
• Upgrade door hardware to a current finish
• Power wash siding, and wood surfaces to remove dirt and mold
• Repair or replace loose shutters

For $500 you can:
• Proper landscaping can provide a huge wow factor, add in size-appropriate trees
• Hire tree trimmers to correctly trim back overgrown bushes, & trees that block your home from street view
• Install fencing for privacy and block unsightly views of neighbor’s property
• Have a brick mailbox built
• Invest in having an old cracked walkway repaved with stone or pavers

Posted on 03/20/2013 10:26 AM by Jarod Tanksley