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Wednesday, 07 November 2018


As the cooler temps move into Tennessee this fall, there are a few steps you can take now that will keep your home nice and cozy for this upcoming winter weather.  The cold temperatures of wiinter can be the hardest time of the year on your home, not to mention the cold temps and possible warmup 60 degree days can cause trouble. So be prepared for the temperature swings.




This is a loaded one, because there are many areas of your home that could have been neglected when your home was built. Actually, Energy.Gov has this informational graphic that shows several areas of your home you can insulate that you probably never even thought of, but don't let that overwhelm you. Any additional insulation can be helpful!

The Attic

Because heat rises, the attic is a prime place to lose your warmth if it is not properly insulated. You can purchase rolls of fiberglass insulation and position them around edges of the attic or in areas where the other insulation looks thin. Inspect the perimeter for cracks and then seal and patch. Also, if the ductwork for your central heating is located in the attic, check for leaks and loose fittings. This one move could save you quite a few dollars on energy costs.


There are many reasons to focus on the basement during this process. For one, if any of your home's appliances are located in this area, cold air causes them to use more energy. Also, if the basement is cold, that means your floors above are cold, which means the heat has to work extra hard in your living space. Check exterior doors and windows for any air leaks and add weather stripping where needed. If you can afford it, replace drafty windows with double-paned upgrades. Use foam and tape around any exposed pipes to prevent freezing. Also, see the above note about central heat ductwork if it is located in your basement.

Furnace and Fireplaces

Proper maintenance on your heat sources could save you a lot of energy and money. Hire a professional to inspect and clean your furnace each fall before you turn on your heat. You will not only help your system work better, but you might also prevent hazards that could arise from running a neglected system. Also, changing out your filters on a regular basis will help everything run more efficiently. A professional is also best for inspecting your fireplace to make sure it is in optimal working order before you start burning fires. This will help protect you and your family from chimney fires and excess amounts of carbon monoxide.


Check the exterior of your home for cracks around your doors, windows, and crawl spaces. Use caulk and weather stripping where needed.

Close outdoor vents that lead under your home.

To prevent pipes from freezing, empty water hoses and unhook from spigots, insulate any exposed pipes outside your home, in the garage, and in crawl spaces with foam and tape.

Clean out your gutters! Clogged gutters could cause ice to back up and create damage to your roof.

Winterizing your home does not have to be difficult, but if any of these tasks are too big for you, hire a professional.

If you need help finding a cozy home this fall/winter, give me a call and I will be happy to help!

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Wednesday, 24 October 2018

Most  everybody I meet ask me "How's the Real Estate market" or "What are rates doing now"? Well, I resently had a conversation with a good friend in the mortgage business David Zopf with Guaranteed Rate. David had recently had the pleasure of hearing from the NAR’s chief economist Lawrence Yun, William Strauss from the Chicago Federal Reserve, and the event’s host, Edsel Charles.

From these three speakers I heard the following mostly positive information:


  • Lawrence Yun sees interest rates increasing to 5.5% in the next year due to a variety of reasons, including the Federal Reserve raising of the Funds Rate. He expects home value inflation to slow from this past year’s 8% to 4%. He also thinks buyers have given up on the rate decreasing and are returning to the market.


  • Edsel Charles expects only a 7% drop in productivity in the years 2020 thru 2023. The recent tax cut boosted the economy causing his expectation to improve. He predicts an interest rate of 6.25% by 2020. He also believes there will be a new construction shortage of around 50%. This will be caused by builder’s hesitance to be caught with too much inventory. It’s worth noting that Edsel correctly predicted the housing bust of 2008.


  • William Strauss believes the low unemployment rate will last another three or four years.


All three speakers gave a mostly positive outlook of the immediate future. Personally, my economics degree tells me that all summers eventually come to an end, but in this case, I would be happy to be wrong. Of course, only time will tell. If you have any questions or would like a Rate quote please reach out ot David Zopf YP of Mortgage Lending at Guaranteed Mortgage  615.465.8382 or email  If you have any questions about your personel Real Estate needs please contact me anytime...


..... "You've Got a Friend in Real Estate"


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